Distance Learning

This is an aid so that you can offer distance learning with little effort.

You can find the topic overview in the menu on the left.

This manual will be updated continuously!

If you already have experience with distance learning and maybe have tips that are still missing in this dossier, or would like to share pictures of your facility, please send them to spielen@instrumentor.ch. With your feedback we can continuously add to this manual and improve it for everyone.

For Instrumentor Teachers and Instrumentor Students

If you decide to try distance learning, please let Aless (aless@instrumentor.ch) know so that he can note this with us. From now on you can see on the profiles who offers this.

For Instrumentor teachers and students we offer technical support and test calls. To have a test call, please contact spielen@instrumentor.ch with possible call times (see also «Test call»).

If you have general questions about distance learning or the general situation, please contact Siro (siro@instrumentor.ch).

All the best and good luck!

Siro, Aless, Julia & Johnny